Specimens, continued…

Here is another photograph of a skull, part of this exploration into skulls and specimens for me. This time, I incorporated a bird’s nest that I collected earlier this summer. Funny story about the nest. This very determined little bird tried to make his nest (yes, he was doing this for a very plump robin who needed to lay her eggs), and he persisted to place this right above our front door, on the keystone. Day after day the beginnings of his nest would fall off due to the wind because the ledge was just too small. Then, one morning we woke up to find he had finally completed it, and there she sat. But, later that day, they were gone and the nest was again, on the porch. I believe they finally decided to make their final nest under my neighbor’s deck, much to her dog’s delight! The hatchlings were eventually born and they sounded wonderful. In the meantime, I collected this beautiful nest and added it to my menagerie of specimens.

My new project will include photographing skulls of different types, in my efforts to honor these animals. In addition, sometimes I am going to be adding in other types of specimens whether it is flora, fauna, or other animal-made objects, like the nest. I’m hoping my combination of items will often tell a story, or create a wonderful juxtaposition, or some symbolism as in this case, birth and death.

Birth and Death Skull Study #2
Birth and Death
Skull Study #2

As we come to a close in the semester at school this week, I think of the History of Photography class, and how much I enjoy talking about photographs, and how so many of those photographs inspire me. Yesterday, we watched a wonderful documentary in my Large Format and Lighting class, on a photographer whose work I have admired for a long time, Keith Carter. Here is a photographer that shoots film, and has a very unique eye for finding the unusual in the very common everyday! His work is inspiring, and he reminds us to stay actively engaged, stay creative, and keep pushing ahead when we are in a slump. Good advice as we head into winter break!

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