Finding Joy

Finding Joy
Finding Joy

Joy (noun)

A feeling of great happiness.

A source or cause of great happiness: something or someone that gives joy to someone.

Success in doing, finding, or getting something.   – Merriam Webster

This is the time of year that we think about the word joy. We often liken the Christmas holidays to bringing joy to our lives and the lives of those we love for all the festivities and warmth we experience during this time. Joy also comes in the form of the feeling we get when reunited with friends and relatives that we have not seen in a long time. We also get plenty of subliminal messages of joy ringing in our ears as we pop in and out of shops this season.

I am feeling quite joyful with many good blessings that my husband Randy just received a successful knee replacement surgery yesterday. This will put him on the path to strength, health, well being, and a pain-free life. He will be able to enjoy many of the things he has had to forgo in recent years such as skiing, and hiking 14’ers, and the simple things like waking up pain free each morning.

And, as for the holidays, we will be sharing Christmas with family. My family will join us, and my husband’s parents are driving in from Atlanta to celebrate. So, a house full of joyous occasion – dinners, gatherings, music and merrymaking at its finest.

But, let’s get to photography for a minute. When I find a place that inspires me to take photograph after photograph, or, when I loupe newly developed film on the light box and instantly see “the one,” or when I have a spark of creativity that ignites an idea that unfolds into multiple ideas and shots, well, all those experiences for me…joy! Joy is a great way to describe that creative process. My study of photography and capturing light constantly rewards me with feelings of happiness. It is the source and cause for much of my personal contentment, and simply put, joy!

So, I wish for you all a season of joy, and love, family, friends and good health! It’s a simple word with a lot of punch! Pay a little joy forward when given the chance.

And, “love the one you’re with…” – Stephen Stills

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