Angela Crews

In the expert hands of Fine Art photographer and historian Angela Crews, a vintage camera is a documentary photograph waiting to happen. Her creative drive, intellectual insight and keen eye masterfully combine to bring often-overlooked subject matter into the realm of archival significance. 

Although unquestionably adept at every aspect of modern digital capture and post-production, it is Angela’s application of classic pictorial practices that truly sets her work apart. Following in the footsteps of historic photographers, Angela incorporates analog processes of photography’s past, including traditional medium and large format films as well as the wet plate collodion technique, to immerse viewers in authentic, authoritative representations of imagery as urgent as it is timeless. Her passions for documentary environmentalism takes shape in the man-altered landscape of the ever-changing American West.

A life-long student of photography, Angela earned both a Bachelors of Fine Art and a Masters of Fine Art from the acclaimed Savannah College of Art and DesignHer passion for photography extends into the modern classroom as well. Teaching an ongoing rotation of darkroom classes through the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center’s Bemis School of Art, she draws on her own extensive experience to mentor lensmen and novices alike. 

Angela’s own Civilized Frontier, a collection which honors small-town Colorado and the changing American West, and Second Amendment, an exploration of the environmental destruction wrought by reckless gun owners, are just two long-term documentary projects that encompass her passions for research, history and exploration of the landscape.

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