In the hands of Angela Crews, a found vintage film camera is a fine art photograph waiting to happen. Through the process of dismantling, cleaning, and reassembling antique cameras, her fascination with photography’s history is brought to life.

Her homage to the analog techniques of photography’s past manifests in the capture of black and white images on film. In her darkroom, the sunlight of a landscape, the antics of a spotted dog, or the hidden places she calls her own all reveal themselves.

A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Angela earned both a Masters of Fine Art and a Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography. In addition to her knowledge of photography’s creative side, Angela’s considerable expertise in the commercial side of photography resulted in industry positions such as traditional lab manager, digital imaging studio production manager, and commercial studio manager. Her professional interest in the post-production aspects of digital photography have given her a command of modern photography software such as Adobe Photoshop as well. These skills are evident in Angela’s digital capture of color imagery in her photography.

Extending her passion for photography into the modern classroom, Angela teaches a variety of darkroom classes at the Bemis School of Art, as well as multiple classes in the Professional Photography degree program at Pikes Peak Community College. Whether relating the finer points of a daguerreotype in her History of Photography class, demonstrating lighting ratios in the modern studio, or adjusting an architectural perspective on a view camera, Angela’s enthusiasm and expertise are evident to students, colleagues and community alike.

Angela’s ability to successfully balance photography’s past and present is what allows her to help move photography into the future. Her unique vision and ability to capture and convey the wonder that captivates her is what sets Angela Crews Photography apart.