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Good News

Okay, today I’m going to celebrate and brag just a little because I have exciting news to share. I have officially been accepted into the MFA program I applied to. I’ve been talking about this for years…a few at least. And, like most logical (maybe a little too logical like Spock) thinkers, I had to get certain other goals achieved and “ my ducks in a row” first. Spotted Dog Excavating has now been in business over 6 years and it’s doing beautifully. Randy and I have another venture we’re hoping to launch this fall to winter timeline. So, now was finally the time.

I did the research, and decided that I wanted my MFA to be in photography. What else is there?? After researching quite a few schools, I landed back on my own alma mater, The Savannah College of Art and Design, or affectionately known as SCAD. I received my BFA at SCAD, in photography, in 1992.

Since I was there 24 years ago, they’ve added a whole new eLearning program, and their MFA in photography is part of that new addition. So, I don’t have to pack up and move back to Savannah for this…just a few visits, which is great because two of my favorite people live in Savannah – Vicki and Phil, my aunt and uncle.

Getting ready to apply was stressful, but probably only because I am Type A when it comes to presenting my work to others. I had to fill out a rather lengthy application, update my resume, write a Statement of Purpose, provide a portfolio of 20 images, add an artist’s statement to that, and provide letters of reference and official transcripts. Whew…that was a lot, but once all was submitted, I just sat back and… nope, didn’t relax, not at all. Boy, that wait was tough. Well worth it, but tough!

I am very excited about this new opportunity and plan to start on January 4th , 2017, as SCAD is on the quarter system. Kind of interesting, because as I align my two school schedules (as a student and as an instructor), I’ll get two quarters just about completed in the time it takes to complete one semester at PPCC. So, all kinds of fun ahead!

Finally, this week, I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to all my family, friends and reference writers who helped encourage me, edited photos to pare down a portfolio of 20, proofread statements of purpose, and those who stood on the sidelines as all-around cheerleaders in my corner. You all know who you are, and you all rock!

Here’s to new adventure! Look to all the possibilities in life!

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