First, thank you to all my family and friends who inquired about my blog absence! Well, bottom line, I needed a break! And, that little thing we think we’re all so good at, multitasking? Yea, not so much! I’ve finally come to realize, after 46 years, the human brain is not wired to multitask, at least not well. And, when I do decide to do one thing at a time, and concentrate my efforts and focus, well, just wow! The results are beautiful! Not to mention my sanity is intact.

My original goal with this website and blog was to keep myself active, creative and engaged with my favorite topic – photography! And, my original goal was to see if I could post a blog each week, for 52 weeks, 1 full year. I achieved that, in fact, beat it with 59 weeks of blogs! As my fall semester at PPCC began wrapping up in mid-November, with an overload of five classes, and one of those classes overloaded to 17 students, I realized, okay, something’s gotta give!

I decided to take a step back, and concentrate my efforts on completing the semester at PPCC – grades, class projects, last minute field trips and final portfolios! It was a lot of fun, but I can assure you I have no interest in overloading like that again!  

So, onto new and wonderful things as we are just about to close the door on 2016! For next year, I plan to continue with my blogs, but given I’m starting my eLearning MFA program Wednesday I am going to scale the blogs back a bit. A very good friend suggested “micro blogs.” Okay, why not? So, as I enter this new program, I will share the new photographs I’m working on for assignments and portfolios, and new things that I learn along the way. But, I’ll do it once or twice a month, and in the format of a “micro” blog – short, sweet and to the point!

To cap off 2016 and get back to that favorite topic, please visit these links and mark your calendars.


I will have three new photographs on exhibit alongside 21 other amazing, local Colorado Springs photographers. We all had to interpret the theme Dreamscapes! Come and join us. I’m not going to share the images here…just yet, because I want you to see them in person!

Happy New Year! Here’s to an amazing and creative 2017!

Inspired by…

Ralph Steiner and Willard van Dyke

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