Life Lessons

This week, I won’t be talking photography, or photo history, but instead reflect on life’s little lessons. You know, those little nuggets of information you glean during times of immense stress. The ones that help you handle a situation with grace. Yea, the times when you keep your cool, but you’d rather scream towards the sky! Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get the gist.

Ten years ago, this month, Randy and I lost a dear friend. And, subsequently, Randy was the executor of his affairs and boy, did I learn some life lessons then. Ten years later, I do hope it’s those lessons (with a little earned wisdom from age) that help me deal with the stressful situations that happen to us now and then.

Okay, so what were the lessons learned after our friend’s death? Handle all matters with grace, don’t say exactly what you are thinking – at least not out loud, and forgive. Have patience with everyone involved; don’t set such high expectations of the rest of the world; and spend some time thinking in silence before opening your mouth.

So, why am I reflecting on all this? Last week, we had a bit of an underground utility issue arise. (Notice the grace, as this is a huge understatement.) Our sewer line needed to be replaced, and yes, I know a guy! (For those that don’t follow…my husband and I own Spotted Dog Excavating.) But, in a home that was built 38 years ago, surprises lurk around and under every corner when a home project, remodel, update, or repair is needed. What was going to be a one-day project has stretched to “going-on-four” and now I call my front yard, “Before.” Because, to achieve the goal underground, above ground was destroyed. My beautiful plants, and xeriscaping are gone…yard of the month, I am not! Remember, those little lessons, here’s one, find the silver lining! Soon I’ll be posting a beautiful photograph of “After!”

In memory of 10 years gone, I will be planting a brand new tree in my front yard for Tom. Our friend we lost, way too soon, and how fitting that we have this wonderful opportunity to sculpt our new front yard based on his memory.

I can’t resist a little photography, so here’s a fun “Before” shot, we’ll call it Yard Destruction.

Yard Destruction
Yard Destruction
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