Entrepreneurial Spirit

Jazz LPs

I’ve had a chance to play with some new ideas in photography this week, mainly, what might be classified as commercial photography. I’m working on how I can sell the fine art of listening through the visual art of photography!

Using a combination of strobe lighting and/or natural lighting through the ambiance of the space, I am working to create a mood that one might have as they fine-tune their listening skills via an experience in sound. Also, through photographs, pulling out visual cues that surround the space, adding to the anticipation of the experience.

The new venture is still under wraps. We’ll announce soon enough, but for now, it’s all about the photography and experimentation to get this new adventure off the ground.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the word entrepreneurial. Here’s what the dictionary says:

            Entrepreneurial: (adjective) characterized by the taking of financial risks (I’ll say!) in the hope of profit; enterprising.

            Enterprising: (adjective) having or showing initiative and resourcefulness.

Now, there’s one of my all-time favorite words – resourcefulness! I push that in my studio classes, constantly. I admit I harp on it all the time.  My students are told on day one (which, by the way, is Monday!), do not tell me there is “nothing to shoot” in our prop closet. First, bring your own props…be creative and second, if I see that #$%@! blue vase one more time…

For as long as I can remember, Randy and I have been talking about owning our own business(es). We made this happen just over six years ago with Spotted Dog Excavating. You really do just jump right in and learn as you go. As a friend of mine says, it’s like jumping off a cliff and growing your wings on the way down. Learning everything from taxes to general liability insurance to worker’s comp to marketing has been interesting and fun. Not to mention, I know a whole lot more today about underground utilities and infrastructure than I ever thought I would!

This next, new business adventure is going to give me another creative outlet and, I’ll work hard to populate that new website with creative photography, and who knows where it will lead. I have a preliminary sketch of the new logo, too! But, alas, I’m not a graphic designer so I’ll give the big reveal once it is polished nicely by a pro!

Spendor Speakers

Creative vision, and all the great entrepreneurs who came before inspire me, and this week, we can celebrate one special entrepreneur, Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre. On August 19th, 1839 his invention, the daguerreotype, was finally made available to the world. Step-by-step his process was explained. Can you just imagine all the new photography businesses popping up all over the world?

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