A Year I Continually Skip Over

This was a strange year indeed. I still skip over it in conversation and forget we’re already in 2022. I am grateful that during that year, I had plenty of projects to work on from home. In addition to having our best year ever for Spotted Dog Excavating (being essential in public health helped), I also started on a book project for some friends. I was hired to layout and design a book for Rich Carnahan, who was authoring a book on an historic Colorado photographer, Louis Charles McClure. Right up my alley, as I love the history of photography. I was also asked to write the appendix in the book describing the historic processes used by both McClure, and his mentor William Henry Jackson. We completed the project in 2021 and the book was released for purchase. This was a project I was thrilled to be a part of. Thank you D and Rich!

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